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  1. What aircraft will the Versa-Tow work on?
    Anything from small single engine to mid-size jet aircraft.

  2. Will the Versa-Tow harm the nose tire?
    No, there is no metal-to-metal contact and a pressure relief valve is installed to prevent damage to your aircraft.

  3. Will the aircraft tip backwards when lifted with the Versa-Tow?
    We have not yet found an aircraft that has a tendency to tip when the nose is raised by the Versa-Tow. In most circumstances the nose only needs to be raised a few inches for the plane to be repositioned. Moreover, it has been used to lower the tail of King Air 200’s, allowing easy access to the upper portions of the tail while standing on the ground. They do not tip over. The Versa-Tow is SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

  4. Will it work on aircraft with wheel pants?
    Currently, a traditional tow-bar will need to be used for aircraft with wheel pants installed. In this instance, The Versa-tow comes with a ball hitch to be used with a tow bar.

  5. Will it damage the hangar floor or the ramp?
    No, the Versa-Tow has four rollers mounted on the underside of the unit to prevent damaging the surface that it is operated on.

  6. How Does the Versa-Tow handle in adverse weather?
    The Versa-Tow will work in any weather condition! The Versa-tow has undergone extensive field training in Northern Michigan. The limiting factor will depend on the forklift it is attached to. The heavy weight of a forklift keeps it from sliding when operated at low speeds. We have found that soft rubber style tires are most beneficial when operating on slippery surfaces.

  7. Can the turn limits of the aircraft be exceeded?
    The Versa-Tow will not stop you from exceeding the turn limits of the aircraft. However, you have greater control of the aircraft so you are less likely to exceed those limits.

  8. How many people does it take to operate the Versa-Tow?
    The Versa-Tow is designed for single person use! It is extremely efficient and gives the operator maximum control.

  9. How much lifting capacity does the fork machine need?
    Appropriate to the Aircraft being moved, generally speaking, a forklift with 4000 lb lifting capacity is more than sufficient.

  10. I use my forklift for other lifting, so how long does it take to hook and unhook?
    About 60 seconds. Just long enough to drive the forks in, hook up the chains and quick disconnect couplings.