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The new Versa-Tow is a hydraulically operated aircraft tug attachment, that within minutes transforms any forklift into a reliable aircraft tug. Simply drive the forks through the steel mounting tubes, attach the hydraulic quick connects, latch the safety chains, and you are ready to move your aircraft.

With its unique design you no longer have to get off the equipment to attach or detach a conventional aircraft tow-bar. One of the best features of using a Versa-Tow as your primary aircraft tug is its ease of use.


Whether you are moving a Cessna 150, or a Citation X, the Versa-Tow is the tool of choice! To use the Versa-Tow as an aircraft tug, simply lower the hydraulically actuated trap door and slide the tug under the nose wheel. The Versa-Tow trap door easily passes under the wheel without moving the aircraft from its parked position. Once the nose wheel rests against the forward stop, simply close the trap door and slightly raise the Versa-Tow with the tilt control. The aircraft is now ready to be safely and easily transported to its new location. If you would like some added security there is also a winch that can be used in conjunction with the grip of the trap door.

Improved Maneuverability

With a single pivot point and the rear axel steering of a forklift you will be able to move your aircraft in and out of a tight hangar space with ease. When using a regular aircraft tug and tow-bar assembly it may take several attempts to correctly position the aircraft in the hangar. This means that you have to pull the aircraft in and out multiple times. Each time it is moved there is an increased risk for potential hangar rash. With the Versa-Tow’s single pivot point you will be able to more accurately position the aircraft on the first attempt. If you get in a situation where you need to change the angle of the tractor, simple open the trap door, leave the aircraft in its current location and reposition the tug; It only takes seconds! The Versa-Tow will decrease the amount of hangar rash; as a result- IT SAVE’S YOU MONEY!

Low Hangar Door, Tall Aircraft Tail?

This is not a problem for the owner of a Versa-Tow! With the Versa-Tow airplane tug you can safely raise the nose of the aircraft, which will give you the clearance you need to put your plane in your own hangar! No need to rent extra space or take on a costly remodel project!