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After you use the Versa-Tow you will never go back to using a regular airplane tug and tow-bar unit to move your plane. The Versa-Tow transforms your forklift, or any fork equipped piece of equipment, into a reliable and effective airplane tug. The Versa-Tow is ideal for moving airplanes in and out of crowed hangars, repositioning aircraft on the ramp, all while giving the operator superior maneuvering capabilities. Two sets of rollers positioned on the front of the Versa-Tow airplane tug are added insurance for smooth and easy movement, while protecting the surface of the ramp or hangar. The Versa-Tow is an inexpensive alternative to other power tugs already on the market.

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The Versa-Tow airplane tug is constructed entirely of heavy steel, and has very few moving parts, which means extremely low operational and maintenance cost for you. The Versa-Tow’s tough frame and heavy 2 inch hydraulic actuator will ensure that you will be able to use the reliable Versa-Tow for many years, creating a good return on your investment. Beneath the tough rugged exterior the Versa-Tow airplane tug has a gentle touch, a one-way pressure relief valve ensures a firm grip on the nose wheel that will not damage the tire or the strut. After extensive field testing the trap door was more than sufficient to hold the aircraft securely in place. However, for added security, we have also included a safety winch that can be used as an extra precautionary measure if you desire to use it.